Organically Grown Ashwagandha Powder – Stress Relief & Restful Sleep – 100g | 250g | 400g – Pure & Non-GMO

Wildcrafted & Sustainably Sourced Ashwagandha Powder.


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Experience the raw power of nature with our Ashwagandha powder. This exceptional product goes beyond ordinary by combining two unique sources:

  • Wildcrafted Ashwagandha: Hand-harvested from protected Indian forests, these roots capture the untamed essence of the plant and its full potential benefits.
  • Sustainably Grown Ashwagandha: Partnering with local farmers, we ensure responsible cultivation methods that respect the land and empower rural communities.

This is not your average, mass-produced Ashwagandha. It’s a culmination of tradition, ethical sourcing, and a commitment to purity.

Benefits of Our Ashwagandha:

  • Uncompromising Potency: Our unique blend offers Ashwagandha in its purest form, maximizing its potential benefits.
  • Supporting Local Communities: Your purchase directly supports sustainable farming practices and empowers local Indian villages.
  • Nature’s Balance: Hand-harvesting and sustainable practices ensure a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Embrace the Power of Nature’s Wisdom:

Our Ashwagandha powder isn’t just a supplement; it’s a story of ethical sourcing, responsible practices, and harnessing the full potential of this ancient herb.


  • While not certified organic, this Ashwagandha is cultivated and harvested with respect for natural processes and local ecosystems.
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100g, 250g, 400g


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