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Wildcrafted Herbs better than certified organic herbs? Here is what you need to know.

Wildcrafted herbs are grown in the wild just like the name suggests. They are completely natural and no GMOs, herbicides, or pesticides are used on these types of herbs. All the nutrients present in the herb remain intact and the plants are not gassed or irradiated. Wildcrafted plants are also stronger because they are resilient in the wild. And when a plant works harder, they produce more constituents and can be called a super plant.

 What are certified organic products? Are they actually safe?

It can be said that certified organic is one of the strictest standards in the world because it focuses on some of the most important rules when it comes to farming- no antibiotics or synthetic hormones or pesticides or GMOs are used. The certifiers are independent bodies who are accredited by particular organizations (for example- USDA) so that they can conduct organic inspections in an unbiased manner. If any farm violates the standards, it will lose the organic certification which is a huge financial loss.

But all organic products are not created equally. Farms run based on individual people and their personal beliefs. Some farmers avoid using plastic, many want to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, and there are many other scenarios. However many occurrences take place in the industry today which has prevented the organic industries to be what they were before, where every step of the food chain was organic. Every ingredient was organic.

For example, there have been cases where factory milking operations do not raise their own calves and rather purchase cheap conventional cattle who have been raised on medicated milk replacer. This includes antibiotics and other substances which have been banned.

However, reports say that there is a misconception that no pesticides are applied in organic farming. Many pesticides are allowed in organic farming. So they are not exactly pesticide-free. So the fancy terms used in the organic industry like “free-range”, “hormone-free”, ” natural ” do not exactly meet the product is organic.


 What are the risks related to synthetic pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified seeds, and chemical residue on our health and environment?

The first and the foremost effect that pesticides have on the environment is that they can cause air pollution. Because most of them are applied in the form of powder and can be transported by the wind to different regions. Many surveys have been able to throw light over the fact that the production of pesticides has been discovered in groundwater and rain which has also led to the death of aquatic life.

When humans come in contact with pesticides and herbicides, it can lead to chronic diseases and there may be many symptoms like coughing, sore throat, irritation in eyes and skin, nausea, diarrhea, headaches feeling weak, and death in the worst-case scenario. Genetically modified seeds and food can cause many adverse health effects like allergic reactions, cancer, and more. Studies are still going on regarding the drawbacks they have on the environment and human health.


11 Benefits of wild harvesting.


  1.  You will be able to observe many herbs in their natural habitat.
  2.  The nutritional content of these plants is incredible.
  3.  Wild harvesting herbs will help you to grow your own herbs and harvest the fresh produce to use for cooking.
  4. Wild harvesting herbs will allow you to grow some special herbs that are not always available in the market.
  5.  Many herbs contain medicinal properties which will be of great help when you discover them. Wild harvesting herbs will help you come across some incredible medicinal herbs.
  6. Wild harvested herbs can also be preserved for using them later on and keeping them available.
  7.  You will be able to reduce your carbon footprint since no large vehicles for storage facility and packaging is required.
  8. Wild harvesting medicinal herbs can make you self-dependent and help you survive rough conditions.
  9. Wild harvesting herbs like borage, red clover, dandelion, and violet can act as a refreshing and tasty addition to your salads.
  10.  Wild harvesting herbs can improve your health conditions. For example, nettle can act as a kidney tonic and also a blood purifier.
  11.  You will be able to save money by getting more nutrition from these rather than from the food available in the grocery stores.


Enjoy nature’s free gift of food and the different nutritional and medicinal benefits for your health and the environment.


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Here is why you need to support small local and independent businesses.

Small and independent businesses have always been an integral part of boosting the growth of any country. It helps in expanding the economy and providing jobs, but these companies are also facing financial losses. Stepping out into the world on your own is very hard and daunting and especially when the corporate world always gets a larger share. It is now more important than anything else to support the local businesses and companies to help them go higher.

How are big corporations destroying the economy, lives, and the environment?

According to reports and studies conducted, it has come into notice that small businesses always deliver better customer service than large companies. When a company is growing, it means that they have a better relationship with the customer. Hence they understand the requirements and expectations of the customers better as compared to big corporations.

Though big corporations are profitable, small businesses are better at building the economy or creating job opportunities. Kauffman Foundation published their research reports in 2010 that mentioned that almost a hundred percent of job growth happens through new companies. That is why older businesses and bigger businesses destroy jobs and, the new small ones create jobs.

Many communities try to bring outside firms, big factories, but they do not trigger long-term economic growth even though it may seem that short-term employment gains are taking place. Another severe side effect of big corporations is that it does not affect innovation whatsoever. They rarely do anything new. Let us take the example of General Motors. All of its successful car lines are entrepreneurs driven, which were eventually under General Motors. But the company in itself has been able to create only one internal carline in its history of 105 years. This line was known as the “Saturn line” but, it failed.

Moreover, there are examples to show that big corporations have always caused recessions and have drained national treasuries. Jay Cook’s bank failed in 1873, after which Henry Clews bank went down as well. That depression lasted till 1880.

How are small businesses helping the economy and creating a self-sustaining society?

Small businesses can contemplate as the savior of modern capitalism. These are some of the most important influences which give economic growth because they create around 60 to 80% of new jobs annually. When any person starts a small business by becoming an entrepreneur, there is already one less person seeking jobs. They help in making the market more competitive. And then they hire more people and create job opportunities.

Since small businesses operate locally, they hire local people and are more flexible. Most small business owners begin as owners of their own company and work hard because they know the struggle of starting from the bottom. They have lower overhead costs and are self-sustainable and self-reliant.

11 benefits of subsidising local and independent businesses:

  1. Supporting local businesses can benefit the environment because they have less carbon footprint than large corporations.
  2. Shopping locally will always help you in getting unique products that are not mass-produced. The local market is a hub of creative makers with incredible skills.
  3. When you support the local businesses, it means you are helping your local economy because most of the money earned by them will stay in the community.
  4. Local businesses are more accountable to their communities and, they care for your well-being and try to meet your expectations because they know what is at stake. At big companies, you will call a number and get transferred multiple times, and put on hold at the end. If you are lucky, you will get to talk to a customer executive. There is no concern that the company might lose you as a customer.

But for local businesses, there is a direct connection between the owner and every employee working for them. That leads to a more personalised approach to problems.

  1. Choosing to help a local business is an act of respect that shows that you acknowledge their risks and challenges and, it is a satisfying feeling in itself.
  2. You are supporting innovation and uniqueness when you are supporting local, independent businesses. Because most of the big corporations are identical and they offer similar types of products. There is no sense of innovation and uniqueness. Small businesses help to bring that excellent essence.
  3. Supporting local businesses will help to introduce a spark of healthy competition. And encourage small business to innovate, and add unique products which are not in the big stores.
  4. Choosing local farmers to buy products and local places to eat means getting access to chemical-free fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, and dairy from grass-fed cows. You are choosing the healthier option and also supporting small businesses.
  5. The unique goods and services provided by local businesses can lure tourists to your community and, in turn, will boost the local economy.
  6. Mostly local and small businesses are set up in a town center or village center, to reduce congestion and pollution and, it is much better than out-of-town shopping malls.
  7. By supporting local business, the decision is taken by someone who lives in the community and will care about the impact of the decision.

So it is pretty well established how important it is to support the local businesses and how beneficial it can be. So try to contribute towards this good cause as much as you can.

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